Animal Postpartum Oxytocin Injection

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Varieties: Growth Promoting Medicine

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Product Description

Oxytocin acts directly on the smooth musculature of the uterus in all species to induce rhythmic contractions, although in some species the uterine cervix does not respond to oxytocin. The responsiveness of the uterine musculature to oxytocin varies greatly with the stage of the reproductive cycle. During the early phases of pregnancy the uterus is relatively insensitive to the effects of oxytocin, while in the late phases the sensitivity is markedly increased. Most authorities attribute this varying response to the varying levels of estrogen and progesterone during the course of pregnancy. Oxytocin also has been shown to exert a milk ejecting effect, occasionally referred to as the galactogogic effect. The actual mechanism by which oxytocin stimulates the release of milk from the mammary glands is not known with certainty, but oxytocin is presumed to act on certain smooth muscle elements in the gland.

Generic Name: Oxytocin Injection

[Main Ingredients]This product is a sterile aqueous solution of oxytocin extracted or chemically synthesized from the posterior pituitary gland of pigs or cattle.

[Description]This product is colorless or almost clear liquid

[Functions]This product can selectively stimulate the uterus and strengthen the contraction of the uterine smooth muscle. Its function of stimulating uterine smooth muscle differs based on the dose size and hormone levels in the body. Small doses can increase the rhythmic contraction of the uterus during the end of pregnancy, and stabalize systolic and diastolic flow. Large doses cause uterine smooth muscle contraction, so that the blood vessels in the myometrium are compressed and thus will stop bleeding. In addition, oxytocin can promote the contraction of mammary acinus and myoepithelial cells around the ducts of the glands and increase milk supply.

[Indications]For oxytocin, postpartum uterine bleeding and retention of placenta, and also for the adjuvant treatment of endometritis

[Usage and Dosage]Subcutaneous, intramuscular injection; once dose, horse, cow - 6 ~ 20ml; sheep, pig - 2 ~ 10ml; dog - 0.4 ~ 2ml.


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